Club Memberships

Teign Valley Golf Club offers a second to none golfing experience set in some of the Country’s most beautiful surroundings, so whether you are a new or experienced player you will always find a challenge to overcome. The club house has all the amenities you would expect from a well organised club with a lounge area to unwind after a round on the course. The club offers a friendly and social environment for all members with a warm welcome to all new and existing members. 
Membership Details   2022-23

Membership forms are available to download here

The membership year runs for 12 months from the month of joining. Subscriptions are due
on joining and are not refundable. 

Full membership
Members 30 – 74
Senior membership
Members over the age of 75 
Nineties membership
Members achieving the age of 90 
Twenties membership
Men and Ladies between the ages of 20 and 29. 
Inbetweener membership
Men and Ladies between the ages of 18 – 21
Junior membership
Junior members are entitled to use the full facilities subject to restrictions in the club rules. 
Junior membership falls into two age groups; 5 to 12 and 13 to 17 
Country membership
Country membership is available for members whose main residence is outside the county 
(N.B. - Country members are not eligible to win trophy competitions).  However they do enjoy all
other benefits of membership. 

CLUB JOINING FEE   £200      

of this £50 will be placed on the new members own individual credit account to be spent within the Clubhouse.

SUBSCRIPTION 2021 – 2022

Full member                                                                                                      £695
Full senior member achieving the age of  75-89                                             £595
Full nineties member achieving the age 90                                                    £199
Twenties for members 21-29                                                                           £445
Inbetweener for members 18-21                                                                     £245
Junior member age 13-17                                                                                 £105
Junior member age 5-12                                                                                   £85           

Country member                                                                                               £545


Additional dues all collected on behalf of EG, LGU, DCLGA, DCGU golf unions &   
Members golfing insurance (full details available in clubhouse)                      £29